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Adam Fiala
2016-06-12 21:57
Is there a topo for climbing on Frösön? I can't find it anywhere,but I have a zero knowledge of swedish language.
Also, would you have any tips for foreigners for climbing near Ostersund? We are gonna stay around for a month or so...
Daniel Fagerlund
2016-06-14 07:34
Hej Adam! You can find the topo for Frösön on
It's in swedish but I think you can manage to find the routes. There is also a growing topo on

Stuguberget (About 50 km east from Östersund)

There is also a ton of bouldering between Östersund and Stugun and the areas can be found on (Udden, Vägen, Svarthögen and Västanbäck is easy accessible)

Adam Fiala
2016-06-14 22:14
Great ;)
We went to Svarthogen and we plan to check other areas... thank you very much;)
2016-06-15 20:58
Don't forget that the central part of Frösöberget is closed due to nesting birds.
Keep to the left of "Morsans muskler ", that leaves yuo with lots of climbing.
Keep looking at the forum for info on when the birds are out of the nest. They were there today.
Have fun!

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